Beaches in Formentera

Formentera has 20 kilometres of extremely beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters (this transparent water is the result of the absence of plancton, so that the liquid element doesn´t get that cloudy). Almost all these beaches have been preserved in their natural state, or have just a few buildings along them, ideal for swimming with very gentle slopes. In most of them nudism is practised, although they are not considered naturist beaches, where coexist naked swimmers and others with a swimsuit.

One of the advantages of Formentera being an island is that whilst the beaches on the northern coast will have bad weather when a northerly wind is blowing, the beaches on the southern coast will be fine, and this is an important consideration when deciding which beach to visit, in a small island like Formentera. Before swimming, it is important to consider the sea conditions. Most beaches on Formentera use the flag system to indicate safety for swimming, with green flags indicating no danger, yellow flags indicating that it is necessary to be careful and red flags indicating that you mustn´t enter the water under any circumstances.

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