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Bouganvilla Park apartments in Sa Coma, Mallorca

Bouganvilla Park apartments in Mallorca

The reviews made by customers about their stay in a hotel, have become an indispensable reference when booking trough the Internet. It is not surprising, given that the descriptions of a hotel characteristics, in travel websites, tend rather to highlight the virtues, and put aside those aspects less favourable. As it could not be otherwise, for texts with a strong commercial orientation. Instead customer feedback, responding to a subjective opinion based on their experience, which inevitable has far more credibility for future guests.

This phenomenon has created a strong controversy among hoteliers, who see how the comments of their guests have switched from private to public domain, with the wide circulation that could reach the informations in a website. One of his main concerns, is to see false reviews published by competitors, or people who for one reason or another, wants to discredit their establishments.

At MCA Travel, this year we have begun to gather hotel reviews, among the customers who have booked on our website http://www.mca-hotels.com. The experience couldn’t have been more positive, thanks to the generosity of people often anonymous, we have some reviews of incalculable value, to better understand the experiences of our customers, which are clearly of great help for future travellers and the hotel managers.

Every Friday, our system looks at all the reservations with check-out date between this and the previous Friday to send an email, to all those who when were registered on our site, expressed their desire to review their chosen accommodation. In this message, they have a link to go directly to the page where they can review the hotel in which they stayed. Most of them never do it, although there is a significant number of people, who spend a few minutes to share their views. One might think that those are the only ones, who have suffered a bad experience, but it does not. Despite being subjective reviews, most people try to highlight in an objective way, both positive and negative aspects. We also notice, that an establishment review is conditioned by the kind of guest. As an example, the stay at a hotel full of young girls waiting to party, could end up being a real bad experience for a couple with young children, or the opposite, a real paradise for a group of young boys waiting to party.

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