Ses Salines beach

Photographer: Ferran Nogués (Eivissa)

Photographer: Ferran Nogués (Eivissa)

Ses Salines is a beach situated at two kilometres from es Pujols, between Platja de Llevant and sa Roqueta. In a natural enviroment. The name is given by the activity of salt extraction that used to take place in the nearby Salines de Formentera. This area is separated from this coastal corner by a long and large dune line, covered by a vegetation and with the presence of lots of marine birds. This unspoilt beach is 4730 metres long, with an average width of 41 metres. It has lots of headlands and cliffs, rocks and fine-grained white sand, orientation toward east, strong winds in the summer may occur with an important swell, so that bathing might be dangerous, crystal clear water, as well as a sandy ground with seaweed and some rocky areas. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs and the deviations. The last stretch continues on a track. You can also reach this beach on foot from the nearby Platja de ses Canyes or from the resort of es Pujols. The beach is not too crowded by tourists.

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