Salsa de Nadal from Ibiza

The salsa de Nadal (Christmas sauce) is a traditional dessert from Ibiza, which is prepared these days to be taken during the Christmas period. Can be described as a liquid nougat with creamy texture, which is eaten hot by dipping biscuit. It is often said, that for those who didn’t eat it during their childhood, it is better to try it first and then get to know how has been made, as it is elaborated with a mixture of ingredients somewhat unusual. The main ingredient is almonds, accompanied by honey, sugar, spices like cinnamon, saffron, clove or pepper and stock, which is usually made out of chicken or other meats like pork or mutton. Sometimes, instead of stock is prepared simply with water, giving it a smoother taste.

The Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria in the nineteenth century in his work “Die Balearen” describes a very similar dish to the salsa de Nadal of Ibiza, prepared in some homes of Mallorca during the Christmas period, as an ancient tradition almost lost.

Selecting this link, you get to an article in Catalan with images of the salsa de Nadal.

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