Sant Mateu d’Albarca

Sant Mateu d'Albarca a Eivissa

Sant Mateu d´Albarca is a nice and very small town with a very ancient love for wine. The centre of the town is composed of the cemetery, a church, a bar, and a few houses, all of which turn Sant Mateu into a lovely place.

Nearby Sant Mateu stands out Buscastell, the largest area for growing vines in Ibiza. A remarkable red wine, as well as a delicious fruity white wine, are elaborated here. The wine party is celebrated before Christmas in San Mateu. The sports centre in Sant Mateu hosts dance and music events that enjoy a wine theme. The origins of the party date back to a series of meetings that neighbour associations held in order to make their wine known. All the cellars of Ibiza take part in this event.

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