Sant Rafel de sa Creu

Sant Rafel de Sa Creu, Eivissa

Sant Rafel is a small town in the inland area of the island and lies between Ibiza city and Sant Antoni. The most notable building is the small 18th-century church. Clustered around it are the houses that make up the town.

There are lots of restaurants in Sant Rafel that between them offer a varied range of gourmet food, from the traditional cuisine of Ibiza and dishes typical of other Mediterranean regions to more exotic and innovative approaches to food.

The potteries of Sant Rafel are famed throughout Ibiza for the craftsmanlike quality of the items they produce, including clay objects modelled according to age-old tradition and other pieces in keeping with modern art.

Lastly, it should be noted that Sant Rafel is the prime place on Ibiza for keen horse riders.

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