Santa Eulària des Riu

Santa Eulària des Riu, situated just 20 kilometres from the airport, is the third largest town on Ibiza. It started out as Puig de Missa, a hamlet of houses huddled at the top of a hill around a 16th-century church that was part of the defence and lookout system on the island. One of these houses is home to the Ibiza and Formentera Ethnology Museum, which has an interesting collection related to the folk culture of the Pitiusas Islands and so provides insights into the way of life on the island in years gone by.

A tourist resort of mainly hotels and apartment complexes has sprung up near Santa Eulària Beach. Yet in addition to being a place where thousands of tourists spend their summer holidays in a peaceful setting far from the hustle and bustle of other resorts on Ibiza, the town of Santa Eulària also has a large population of all-year-round residents and has an excellent array of restaurants, cafés and shops of every kind.

On the north side of the beach, following the esplanade that stretches its 300 metres, is the Santa Eulària yachting harbour. At the opposite end is the mouth of the only river in the Balearics, the source of which lies 11 kilometres inland. The river, which occasionally runs dry, is situated in a beautiful setting with an old bridge of Roman origins.

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