Cossiers d'Algaida a Mallorca

Photographer: José Juan ‘Potti’ Luna – Cossiers d’Algaida

Algaida is a village on the Plain of Mallorca which has maintained its Medieval character. There are simple, traditional houses, as well as ancestral homes which were used by the landowners who had vast tracts of agricultural land in the area; for centuries this agricultural land provided the village´s main source of wealth.

The Parish Church of Saint Pere i Sant Pau is the most outstanding building in Algaida; it was constructed between the 16th and 17th centuries on the site of an earlier temple. The church has a single nave with a cross-vault roof and lateral chapels. Of particular note inside the building is the Baroque-style altarpiece, which includes a curious image of Mare de Déu de la Mamella, showing Mary breastfeeding the baby Jesus.

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