Andratx is in the west of Mallorca, at the south of Tramuntana mountains, where these are not as high as those in the east. Andratx´s seaside is characterized by high cliffs and small rocky beaches.

The oldest part in Andratx city, from the Middle Ages, are Pantaleu and Pou Amunt districts, already existing in the XIV century. The upper town is formed by narrow and winding stepped streets. The lower part has got a grid plan design, with Plaça d´Espanya at its centre, where some Modernist facades can be seen, and also very characteristic from Andratx are the anthropomorphic chimneys. At Colom St. there is So Na Gaiana´s tower, a remain from the old fortification that used to protect the village from frequent pirate raids, which used Sa Dragonera island as a shelter for their ships.

Son Mas castle, one of the most emblematic edifices, built in the XIX century on an old farmhouse, holds Andratx´s Town Hall. In the building there is a late XV century outstanding square tower, known by Sagrament tower, which was attacked in 1578 by saracen pirates and defended by Captain Francesc Desmas´ nanny.

Santa Maria d´Andratx Local Church has its origins in the christian conquer of Mallorca, when Barcelona´s Bishops became feudal lords in Andratx, until all lordship rights were abolished in 1811. After many repairs and improvements, its present look is the one of a new -XVIII century- temple. It has got only one nave, with six cross-vaulted spans and lateral chapels. An important artistic heritage has been preserved inside, like the Baroque altarpieces.

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