Arab Baths in Palma

The Arab Baths, located in the garden of the ancestral home of Fontiroig, are one of the few remaining examples of Moorish architecture on Mallorca. Only the central room – for hot bathing – has been conserved, along with a rectangular annexe with a barrel-vaulted roof. The baths can be reached via a portal with a Moorish arch. The room is square, with a lateral corridor with a barrel-vaulted ceiling, and it is made up of 12 columns and Moorish arches below a dome made of bricks and skylights. The stylistic diversity of the capitals gives the impression that materials from other buildings were utilised in the construction. The remains of chimneys and channels for hot water or steam can still be seen. A narrow corridor led into another room which served as a changing room and led through to the cool room, which was the anteroom to the hot room, or hamma. The route through the baths ended at the cold bathroom, of which nothing remains.

Address: Can Serra 3
Palma de Mallorca
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