Beaches in Llucmajor

The beach of S´Arenal is spread between the municipalities of Palma and Llucmajor; it is 4,600m long and 50m wide. Prior to the construction of the tourist resort of S´Arenal, the area possessed one of the largest dune systems on Mallorca, of which some remains are still visible. The destruction of the dune system has caused serious problems in the natural regeneration of sand, as is the case with many other beaches on the island, and to replace sand whipped away by storms new sands are extracted from the sea bed. In summer the beach gets very busy, as many tourists flock here, especially from Germany, to enjoy their holidays at the resort´s hotels. There is a promenade which runs the entire length of the beach and this is where the popular balnearis (open-air bars) are located, the most popular of which is Number 6.
Services: bars and restaurants; shops; showers; sun loungers, parasols, pedal boats and sailboards for hire; water-skiing; volleyball nets, etc.

Cala Mosques, which is 40 m long and 30 m wide, has white sands and a sandy seabed. Walking southwards along the coast from here there are other small coves. The first one of these, which has a rocky seabed and shore, is very popular with the residents of the Cala Blava residential area. A bit further on there are two other coves; one of these is sandy and very small, and the other one is a bit bigger and has a pebbly beach. To get here, go to the residential area of Cala Blava, which is near S´Arenal, and find the street of Carrer Ondategui; when you get to number 73, turn into Pas de Ses Lleonardes, which will take you to these beaches.

Cala Beltran is a hidden-away little beach with a rocky shore and seabed; this unspoilt spot is 10 m long and 15 m wide and is an excellent spot for snorkelling. To get here, walk down the steps of Cala Pi and cross the beach towards the south, passing the old huts, and you will find a stairway carved into the rock of the cliff; climb the steps and follow the path beside the cliff and cross the remains of an old wall, then the path divides in two, and you have to take the right turning to reach Cala Beltran, which is just a few minutes away.

Cala Pi is a beautiful beach which is 40 m long and 140 m wide; it has a sandy shore and seabed and is located in the Cala Pi residential area. There are some escars here, which are old huts used by the fishermen to protect their boats and tackle.
Services: restaurants, open-air bars, shops, sun loungers and parasols.

Es Racó de s´Arena is an unspoilt beach located just to the south of the residential area of S´Estanyol; it is surrounded by a pine grove and is opposite the small island of S´Estanyol. Most of the beach is covered by seaweed, with some sand to the right, where the stratification of old dunes can be seen. It is 120 m long and its width varies a lot, reaching 80 m at some points.

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