Botanical Garden from Sóller

The Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences is located on the road of Carretera de Palma de Mallorca and is surrounded by the Botanical Garden of Sóller. It contains a representative sample of Balearic nature, especially in terms of flora and palaeontology, and it is possible to view the remains of Myotragus balearicus – a mammal which was domesticated and wiped out by prehistoric man on Mallorca.

The Botanical Garden has an important collection of Balearic flora; it includes some plants which are in danger of extinction and gives special attention to species which are endemic to the Serra de Tramuntana. The garden also has collections of other flowers, such as those of the Canary Islands and other Mediterranean islands.

Web of the Natural Science and Botanic Garden of Sóller:

Time table:
From Tuesdays to Saturday, from 10 am until 6 pm.
Sundays and public holidays from 10 am until 2 pm.
Mondays closed, and on Christmas day, new years day (25th december and 1st of January), the 6th of January and Easter.

Crta. Palma – Sóller, km. 30,5
Apartat de Correus 44
07100 Sóller (Mallorca)
Telephone: +34 971634014, Fax: +34 971634781

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