The municipal area of Búger covers an area of 8.24 km2, it is surrounded by several hills, ranging from 80 to 105 metres in height, and is close to both the small torrent of Can Llobina, and the large torrent of Massanella which flows into the Torrent Gros, also known as the torrent of Sant Miquel. Noteworthy are the estates of Son Alemany, Son Catxo, Son Costa, Son Genet, Ses Planes, Son Pons y Es Rafal.

The ACA Foundation (Area of Acoustic Creativity), was conceived in 1979 by the composer Antoni Caimari i Alomar. It was legalized in 1985, and inscribed under the aegis of the Department for Culture, Education and Sports of the Govern Balear.The church of Sant Pere built around 1563, the bishop of Mallorca granted the licence to the inhabitants of Búger to build a church, in view of so many people dying without having received the Holy Sacraments, as they could not be moved to near-by Campanet. This was the first church to be built in Búger, started in 1694 and completed in 1739. It was built in devotion to its Patron Saint, Sant Pere. The organ of the church of Sant Pere was built in the convent of Campos in 1763 by Pere Josep Bosch. It was installed in the church´s choir in 1821 by Gabriel Thomàs. Then, in 1876, Julià Munar installed it in its present place.

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