Cala Rajada

Cala Rajada is a large tourist resort within the municipality of Capdepera; it is located at Mallorca´s most easterly point and is where most of the residents of the municipality live. There is a large range of hotels and apartments spread around Cala Rajada´s various beaches. It is during the summer months that the majority of tourists come to the resort, which has a lively night-time atmosphere and which is popular with German visitors. There are many cafés, bars, restaurants and open-air beer-gardens, as well as shops (especially fashion stores) and sports activities, such as tennis, diving, golf and cycling.

The quay is the nerve centre of Cala Rajada, and the promenade from the beach of Son Moll passes by here. Next to the quay are the resort´s first buildings, many of which are bars and restaurants. The promenade continues from the port on to Cala Gat along a section called Passeig de ses Àmfores, which is not built up and has a monumental sculpture made from old anchors. The port of Cala Rajada is used by both fishing vessels and pleasure craft, and there are also boats which make trips along the coast, one of which travels daily to the port of Ciutadella, on the neighbouring island of Mallorca.

The palace of Can March, which is accessed from the street of Carrer Joan March, is located on a hill surrounded by gardens containing many sculptures. Its construction was commissioned at the beginning of the 20th century on the site of the old Torre Cega (15th century), which defended the entrance to Cala Rajada.

Following the lighthouse road we reach Mallorca´s most easterly point. Here, 58 metres above sea level, we find the lighthouse, which was constructed in 1861 and which provides exceptional views of the coast and over to the island of Menorca. Not far from the lighthouse, on the same hill, there is a defence tower from the 18th century which is known as Torre Esbucada (Demolished Tower) due to its current state of ruin, which is attributed to the English frigate of The Imperieuse in 1808.

The origins of the town date back to the 19th century, with fishermen from Capdepera and Valldemossa settling in here, where they worked on extracting coral and sponge. At the beginning of the 20th century, when the first hotels were built, the rich landowners from the county, especially from Artà, started to build summer homes at Cala Rajada. In the same period the quay of Cala Rajada was an important centre of commercial and fishing activity, which continues to this day. The development of Cala Rajada as a tourist resort came about in the 1960s, just as on the rest of Mallorca, with large-scale hotel and apartment construction.

Son Moll: this beach, which is 175 m long and 35 wide, is surrounded by hotels and apartments. It´s located in the centre of Cala Rajada, where a promenade along the coast which runs towards the fishing port begins.
Services: restaurants; lifeguards; sun loungers, pedal boats and parasols for hire.

Cala Gat: this cosy beach, which is 70 m long and 20 m wide, is located in a residential area; it is well integrated into the landscape, as most of the vegetation from the pine grove that surrounds it has been preserved. The tamarinds near the shore will protect you from the sun at midday. The promenade that begins at Son Moll, passing by the port of Cala Rajada, ends here.
Services: an open air bar; sun loungers and parasols for hire.

Cala Agulla; this beautiful beach, which is 600 m long and 60 wide, has fine white sand and a thick pine grove at the back. It´s located at one end of Cala Rajada, with most of the right end of the shore built up with hotels and apartments. It is easy to get here, as it is well signposted from Capdepera and Cala Rajada. There is a parking area, which you have to pay to use. Many local people come here to have lunch under the shade of the pine grove, especially at the weekend.
Services: open-air bars; lifeguards; WC; parking; sun loungers, pedal boats and parasols for hire.

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