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Calvià is on the east of Mallorca, at the end of Palma´s Bay. It is one of the most populated towns in Mallorca with 54 km of coast full of coves and sand beaches, where important tourist spots have developed. The northern municipal area includes part of Tramuntana´s mountains, Mallorca´s most important natural area.

The touristic boom that took place during the 60´s shook the island up both socially and economically, and in Calvià this fact was even more marked than in other parts. A complete demographic transformation took place in a town where most population had emigrated to South America and France. In 1960 there were 2.914 inhabitants; 20 years later in 1980, more than 11.000 and in 2002 there were 41.749. This sudden population rising was carried out at first by people from the south of Spain, who came to work on the construction and the touristic fields. Nevertheless, during the last years, many Majorcans and Europeans moved to Calvià due to its proximity to Palma de Mallorca, among other reasons.

Several residential areas spread around the municipal area are connected through Calvià Avenue, a long park with a lane with trees for pedestrians and bikes, and which it is also connected to different seaside walks and other rural paths.

Calvià city´s origins are from the Middle Ages, after the christian conquer of Mallorca, though the area was already inhabited during Prehistory. It is a small village with traditional architecture, where the most outstanding building is Calvià´s Local Church. It was built in the XIX century onto an older temple. It combines Neoromantic and Neogothic elements.

There is a small museum with several religious objects next to the church.

Es Capdellà

Es Capdellà is a small village in Calvià´s municipal area, just at the feet of Tramuntana´s mountains, which has retained the charm of former ages.

Visits of interest in Calvià municipal area.

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