Campanet - Mallorca

Located in the Raiguer district, Campanet conserves the traditional charm and priceless peace and quiet of Mallorca´s inland villages.

The municipality´s most mountainous terrain includes the foothills of the southern slopes of Mount Gornir, a summit which reaches 1103 metres high. The municipality´s central zone is made up of a series of hills on which the village of Campanet lies and the alluvial plain to the south.

The landscape features farmlands, holm oak and pine forests and the broad torrent of Sant Miquel, which crosses the municipality on the Tel plain. The caves of Campanet, with a surface area of over 3000 square metres, and Ses Fonts Ufanes, spectacular water springs which appear after heavy rains, deserve a visit.

Among the municipality´s main points of interest are the Gothic church of Sant Miquel, located on the Tel plain, and the restored well called En Gatell, which was built in the thirteenth century.

The farmsteads of Ullaró, Monnàber Vell and Gabellí Petit irrigation channel are elements of special ethnological interest.

The church in the village of Campanet, an interesting example of the Mallorcan Baroque period, and Sala Vella, the ancient seat of the Town Hall, built in the sixteenth century, are recommended visits, in addition to the country estate homes and inns.

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