Canyamel is a small tourist resort in the south of the municipality of Capdepera. This development was planned in 1962 and it has grown up around the beach of Canyamel, where hotels and apartments have been constructed. The development spreads along the northern side of the mountain of Cap de Pinar, where the geographical features of the area have been taken advantage of in the layout of roads, with geometrical green areas interspersed with luxury buildings. In Canyamel there is the Golf course of Canyamel. There is a sufficient range of restaurants and cafés, though the same can´t be said about shopping facilities and nightlife.

The Torrent of Canyamel flows out to sea at the beach, forming the pool of L´estany de n´Anyana, which is an important environmental location where several migratory birds, such as mallards, spend winter. At the end of this pool there is a water mill which used the drop of the torrent as a source of energy. This 16th century building was fortified, as the torrent could be navigated as far as this point and it was necessary to guarantee its defence.

Before reaching Canyamel the Torre de Canyamel (Tower of Canvamel) stands out on the landscape; this large square defence tower, which is believed to date back to the period of Moorish rule, covers 200 m2 and has three floors. Important Talayotic remains from prehistoric Mallorca are found in the area.

Canyamel: this beach of golden sand, which is 650 m long and 100 m wide, faces south east; there is a car park next to the beach. Despite being in a tourist resort, this beach does not get very crowded.
Services: restaurants; lifeguards; showers; sun loungers, pedal boats and parasols for hire.

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