Colònia de Sant Pere

La Colònia de Sant Pere (Colony of Sant Pere), within the municipality of Artà, is located on an extensive tract of coastal land at the foot of the range of the Serra de Llevant, at the eastern end of the Bay of Alcúdia. The coast in this area doesn´t have too many cliffs, which facilitates access to the sea, where visitors can enjoy rocky coves or unspoilt beaches. There are four developed areas here – la Colònia de Sant Pere itself, Betlem, Montferrutx and S´Estanyol – which basically consist of low-rise family homes, many of which are used as second homes by people from other parts of Mallorca and Europe.

The colony dates back to 1880, when it was founded as an agricultural colony producing vines and almonds; however, there are numerous prehistoric remains here, such as the burial cave on Carrer de Sant Mateu, which record the presence of man in the distant past. The urban growth of the 1960s, when Mallorca´s economy began to revolve around tourism, was moderate here. There is a marina, which is where the Club Nàutic de la Colònia de Sant Pere is located, and there is a sufficient range of restaurants and cafés, though the same can´t be said about shopping facilities.

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