Cossiers dance from Mallorca

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The Ball dels Cossiers is a traditional dance on Mallorca; it was imported from Catalonia and has been extensively recorded on the island since the 14th century. The tradition has been kept alive in Algaida and Montuïri, and it has also been revived in other towns and villages, such as Manacor, Alaró, Pollença and Palma de Mallorca.

The dance is performed by 3 pairs of men and one lady, who all wear white with a brightly coloured skirt and a sash from which ribbons and small pieces of mirror. The dancers carry a handkerchief in each hand to use as part of their choreographed movements. They are accompanied by the devil, who tries to spoil the ceremony with his mischief, which becomes the festive and humorous feature of the performance. The counterpoint to the devil is the lady, who represents goodness and who directs the movements of all the cossiers. The music is performed by flautists and a musician playing a flageolet and a tambourine.

In Algaida they perform on the of Saint Honorat, the 16th of January.
In Montuïri they perform on the day of Saint Bartholomew, the 24th of August.

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