Costix - Mallorca

Located in the district of Es Pla, the heart of traditional Mallorca, Costitx is a municipality devoted to agriculture. Inhabited since pre-historic times, as demonstrated by its archaeological sites, the village sprung up around an old Arab farmstead.

The Bous de Costitx, three bull heads found on the Talayotic site of Son Corró, are emblematic of local heritage. A bronze replica of these figures, discovered in 1895, can be seen in the Casa de Cultura, which also houses the Iberobalear Fauna Museum.

The parish church of la Mare de Déu de Costitx, construction on which was begun in the late seventeenth century, and the windmills, especially Can Loi, which still conserves part of the original machinery, are other places of interest.

On the road leaving the village is Sa Sínia, a well and waterwheel dating from the Arab period, which have recently been restored. Also of Arab origin is the hamlet of Can Quiam, whose country estate homes are fine examples of traditional Mallorcan rural architecture.

The installations of the Mallorca Observatory deserve special mention. The centre, inaugurated in 1991, aims to study and disseminate astronomy.

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