Located on the southern slopes of the Tramuntana Mountains, the village of Esporles extends along the bottom of the valley of the same name. The municipality´s terrain is rugged and its main elevations are Mola de Planícia, measuring 890 metres high and la Fita des Ram, 833 metres high.

The landscape is characterised by expanses of pine and holm oak forests, which cover over half the municipality´s surface area. Although the orange groves of Esporles can boast of well-deserved fame on the island, its almond trees and fodder are the main crops.

Agriculture and forest activities were its main economic activities for centuries.

During the last third of the nineteenth century, the municipality´s important hydraulic resources allowed a textile industry to flourish, which today has disappeared. The village sprung up around the torrent of Esporles and its stone houses maintain an ambience of days gone by. The neo-Gothic church and oratory dedicated to Sant Crist de la Pols, patron saint of the textile industry, are its main attractions.

Among the numerous farmsteads in Esporles, la Granja attracts the most attention. This is a large manor home surrounded by beautiful gardens and Son Tries, a recreational area. A road ringed by holm oak forests leads to the hermitage of Maristel·la, destination of pilgrimages and a recommended excursion for all visitors.

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