Fairs and Festivals in Palma

The weekly used-goods market is held every Saturday morning around Avinguda Gabriel Alomar i Villalonga, and a craft market is held on Monday, Friday and Saturday mornings at the Plaça Major. Also at the Plaça Major, a Christmas fair is held every year, with traditional Christmas products on sale, such as nativity scenes and craft products.

On 20 January, Saint Sebastian was proclaimed patron saint of Palma de Mallorca following the miraculous ending to the plague of 1523-1524, which came about with the arrival from Rhodes of a bone from the arm of this saint. On the eve of this festival, concerts taking in various musical styles are held in the squares of the old quarter of the city.

The Festa de l´Estendard (Festival of the Standard), on 31 December, commemorates the arrival in Palma of the troops of Jaume I the conqueror, which represented the end of Moorish rule. This festival, which dates back to the 13th century, is one of the oldest in Europe. Events are held at the Plaça de Cort, with a religious thanksgiving ritual and a civil ceremony at which the royal standard is the focus of attention.

At the celebration of Mare de Déu de la Salut, on 8 September, a solemn mass is held at the church of Sant Miquel, where an image of the Mare de Deu (Mother of God) is held. Following the ceremony there is a children´s festival, music and folk dances. On the eve of the festival there is a street procession and floral offering, which are accompanied by folk music.

The Colcada de la Beata (Procession of the Blessed) is held on the third Saturday of October. At dusk the procession of floats sets off, presided over by the Carro Triomfal de la Beata (Triumphal Carriage of the Blessed). This festival possibly has its origins in the festivals of the beatification of Saint Catalina Tomàs of 1792; the saint was born in Valldemossa in 1531 and she died at the convent of Santa Magdalena in Palma in 1574. The song of La Beata is sung during the procession:

Sor Tomasseta, on sou?
Ja vos podeu amagar
Perquè el dimoni vos cerca
Dins un pou vos vol tirar

Sister Tomasseta, where are you?
Now it´s time to go and hide
Because the Devil is coming for you
And he wants to throw you down a well

The festival finishes with folk dancing and an open-air meal at Plaça de sa Feixina.

On Diumenge de l´Àngel (Angel Sunday) – the first Sunday after Easter – Palma´s citizens make a pilgrimage to the Castle of Bellver.

La nit de Sant Joan (Saint John´s night) is the eve of the day of Saint John (24 June). The popular Nit de Foc (Night of Fire) is held at the Parc de la Mar, with bonfires, firework displays and entertainers.

The Pilgrimage of Sant Bernat, on 19 August, is celebrated on the eve Saint Bernard´s day. This celebration involves a traditional pilgrimage from the Plaça de Cort in which reed-carrying citizens head towards the Monastery de la Real, where a mass is held and there is an open-air celebration with folk music and dancing.

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