Font Santa Health Resort

Font Santa a Campos, Mallorca

Font Santa is the only hot spring in Mallorca, with 38,7° C sodium chloride waters. They are especially recommended to treat rheumatism, neuralgia, paralysis, visceral obstructions, arthrosis, nephritis and skin complaints.

The first church and main building in Font Santa were started to be built in 1395 in order to hold the patients. Later on, for a short time, it became a monastery. In the mid XIX century an inn was built sponsored by the state, and in 1845 the health resort was opened. Today it is of private property.

An outstanding feature is a cistern built in 1671 which provided water for the area. It has got a great ethnologic and historic value.

The health resort is 6 km. away from Campos, on the right hand of the road PM-604 to Colònia de Sant Jordi, next to Es Salobrar and Es Trenc beach.

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