Formentor is a narrow peninsula at the extreme north of Mallorca within the municipality of Pollença; it is 12 km long and reaches a width of 3 km, and there is a road which runs along it as far as the lighthouse of the Far del Cap de Formentor. Owing to its beautiful landscape, which brings together the sea and the mountains, it is one of the most emblematic and visited spots on Mallorca. If you follow the road along the peninsula, before reaching the beach there are two places from which spectacular views can be enjoyed. The first is the lookout point of Mirador de la Creueta, with the islet of Colomer in the background, which is one of the most photographed panoramas on the island. The second is the watchtower of Albercuix, which was constructed at the end of the 16th century and which formed part of Mallorca´s defence system; this is situated on a peak at 390 m above sea level and can be reached by road by taking a turn-off from the main road which runs along the peninsula.

The presence of man here dates back to prehistoric times. During the period of Roman rule there was a settlement here which produced ingots of pig iron, as iron is a characteristic element in these parts. Since the Middle Ages the area has contained one of the largest estates on Mallorca, in spite of the difficulties involved in cultivating the land and problems related to pirate attacks, which persisted until the French took control of Algeria. Evidence of this is provided by the construction of the old houses in Formentor, which are built with features which are typical of a fortification.

In 1928 Adan Diehl, who came from a wealthy Argentinian family connected to the Trocquist bank, bought the lands of Formentor, and he and his wife immediately set to work on the construction of a luxury residence, which was inaugurated as the emblematic Hotel Formentor a year later. Amongst the hotel´s guests in its magnificent early period, which was ended by the Spanish Civil War, were writers and well known artists, as well as internationally famous people such as Winston Churchill, Edward Windsor Prince of Wales, President Niceto Alcalá Zamora, the Duke of Alba, and Maharaja Kapurthala. It wasn´t until the 1950s that the hotel once again become the setting for international events, such as the first international congress dedicated to the 13th-century Mallorcan philosopher, writer and poet Ramon Llull. In 1960 the Formentor Novel Prize, which attracted top novelists and publishers, was awarded for the first time; this was worth 10,000 dollars and covered the international publication of the winning book, making it the highest-value prize of the time. In the 1990s a meeting of heads of state of the European Union was held at this hotel, which remains a highly exclusive establishment.

Cala Formentor is a beach divided into two by a pier used by tourist boats. It is about 900 m long and 10 m wide and has fine white sands. In front of the beach is the little isle of Formentor, and a pine grove provides shade behind it. To get here, there is a bus from Port de Pollença. By car, take the road PM-221 towards the Cap de Formentor, from where the beach is well signposted. There is an ample parking area for which there is a charge.
Services: open-air bar where food is served, showers; sun loungers, parasols and pedal boats for hire.

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