Formentor confused with Gibraltar

This morning we have been able to read on the Diario de Mallorca, how the British tour operator Airtours, from the Thomas Cook group, in the Costa del Sol promotes trips to Gibraltar, with a poster headed by a picture of Formentor taken from the Mirador des Colomer. It’s unbelievable, that there no one realized the mistake, because at least those responsible for carrying out the trips, we have to think they know the image of the  Gibraltar Rock . Perhaps looking for the right approach, the cliffs of Formentor look like the  Gibraltar Rock. In any case, it appears that the winner of this comparison would be Formentor.

It was a Mallorcan, accommodated in a hotel on the Costa del Sol, who realized the confusion, who outraged made it public. Such confusion is not the first time that happens, last year in a Tourist Board publication from the Junta de Andalucía, La Seu, La Almudaina and the Parc De La Mar appeared under the title “Guadalquivir, the great inland route”. Apparently, the landscapes of Mallorca can be easily confused with those of Andalusia. To corroborate this idea, now we just need someone promoting Mallorca with images of landscapes from Andalusia.

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