Hermitage of Santíssima Trinitat

The Hermitage of Santíssima Trinitat (Most Holy Trinity) is located on the road from Valldemossa to Deià on the right, after the petrol station, in front of the restaurant Can Costa, leaves a little road that will take you to the Hermitage in a bit more than 10 minutes, after going along one kilometre. It is recommended to go by foot, although it is possible to go by car.

It was founded in 1648 on the ruins of a primitive hermitage within the Bosc de la Trinitat (Woods of the Trinity), and some remains of the original building can still be seen. On entering the site you will see a covered entrance which leads onto the courtyard, where there is a small oratory dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. To the left of this is the porter’s lodge and the private rooms of the hermits. At the western side of the site there is a viewpoint which provides an extraordinary view of the coast.

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