Illetes and Cas Català

Illetes is a tourist spot on the west coast of Mallorca, on the side of a mountain towards the sea, within Calvià´s municipal area. The fact that it is near Palma has benefited Illetes and Cas Català since many majorcans have settled there their residence. Besides, in the hotels and appartments there are people that usually visit Palma de Mallorca. Es Fortí is a XIX century worn down military zone, next to Illetes beach, and it has become a green spot in an area where buildings are dense.

In the 20´s there already used to be foreign residents -and some famous persons- who revealed tourism´s first steps in Mallorca. The former hotels were built during the 30´s, even though it was in the 60´s where the main urban expansion took place, like in all the other mallorcan tourist resorts. One of the most well-known persons who used to live here was the North-American actor Errol Flynn.

Cala Contesa is a beautiful little beach which is 35 m long and 10 m wide, with white sands, a sandy seabed and very calm waters. It is surrounded by a thick pine forest and is located in the Illetes residential area. To get here from Illetes, you have to go towards Es Fortí, and just before these old military barracks you will find a small car park. To get to the beach, just go down the steps.
Services: showers and an open-air bar that serves ice creams and drinks.

Es Fortí is a beach which is 180 m long and 25 m wide and which has fine sand. There are some little islands in front of this beach, which is located by the Cala Contesa beach, with which it shares services.

Illetes Beach is located in the tourist resort of the same name and is 120 m long and 25 m wide, with white sands and a sandy seabed. Some terraces have been built to enlarge the area for sunbathing.
Services: restaurants, lifeguards; sun loungers, parasols and pedal boats for hire.

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