Llucalcari - Deià - Mallorca - Serra de Tramuntana


Llucalcari, which is also known as Des Carrer, is a hamlet which is 3 km from Deià as you head towards Sóller. The hamlet has about 20 houses and is situated on the side of a mountain above the sea, providing one of the most idyllic images of Mallorca. It has a small oratory with a simple interior which dates from the year 1600. Some of the larger houses have their own defence towers and one of these – Ca n´Apol·loni – has been the Hotel Costa d´Or since 1933. There is a stone stairway leading down to the sea through a pine wood, which comes out at a small, pebbly cove known as Es Canyaret; there is a freshwater spring and some visitors smother themselves in the mud to be found here in order to benefit from the desired therapeutic qualities which it contains.

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