Maria de la Salut

Maria de la Salut, Mallorca

Located in the district of Es Pla, the municipality of Maria de la Salut is still eminently agricultural. Most of its terrain is made up of farmlands. Melons and tomatoes are the best-known products of its fertile lands, and cereals and almond trees also abound.

The church dedicated to la Mare de Déu de la Salut, which was built in the mid-seventeenth century, is one of the municipality´s main points of interest. The campanile, with its clearly Byzantine influence, and the engraved sixteenth-century statue of the Virgin are its most relevant elements.

Son Roig manor house, with its Gothic profile, and Son Puig windmill, built in the seventeenth century, are other places of interest. The whole village preserves an air of peace and quiet and the atmosphere of days gone by, a quality that is increasingly appreciated by visitors to the island.

Roqueta farmstead, whose main house is surrounded by beautiful gardens, and Deulosal farmstead, with its interesting watermill, are other recommended visits. Special mention must also be made of one of the municipality´s numerous archaeological sites, the Talayotic settlement of Es Velar, which conserves part of its wall and the remains of several talayots.

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