Museums in Palma

Es Baluard
Palma Modern Art Museum
Address: Plaça Porta Santa Catalina s/n
Contact: Telephone +34 971 908 200.
Opening hours: November – May, 10am-8pm. June-October, 10am-12pm. Mondays closed

Pilar and Joan Miró Fundation
Address : C/. Joan de Saridakis 29. Cala Major
Contact: Telephone +34 971 701 420
Opening hours: 15 May-15 September, 10am-7pm.16 September-14 May, 10am-6pm. 10am-3pm Sundays and bank holidays. Mondays closed

Museum of Mallorca
Archaeology and Medieval paintings. Temporary exhibitions
Address: C/. Portella 5
Contact: Telephone +34 971 717 540
Opening hours: 10am-7pm.
10am-2pm Sundays. Mondays and bank holidays closed

CaixaForum Gran Hotel
Modernist building (1903). Anglada Camarassa collection. Temporary exhibitions
Address: Plaça Weyler 3
Contact: Telephone +34 971 178 500
Opening hours: 10am-9pm.10am-2pm Sundays andbank holidays. Mondays closed.
Admission: Free

Juan March Fundation
Spanish Modern Art Museum. Permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.
Address: C/. Sant Miquel 11
Contact: Telephone +34 971 713 515
Opening hours: 10am-6.30pm.10.30am-2pm Saturdays. Sundays and bank holidays closed.
Admission: Free

“Sa Nostra” Fundation
Exhibitions and concerts
Address: C/. Concepció 12
Contact: Telephone +34 971 725 210
Opening hours: 10.30am-9pm. 10.30am-1.30pm Saturdays. Sundays and bank holidays closed.
Admission: Free

Palau March Museum
Collection of sculptures, medieval carvings and Neapolitan nativity scene
Address: Palau Reial 18
Contact: Telephone +34 971 711 122
Opening hours: November – March, 10am-6pm. April – October: 10am-6.30pm. 10am-2pm Saturdays. Sundays closed.

Ses Voltes
Renaissance walls. Temporary and permanent painting exhibitions.
Contact: Telephone +34 971 711 122
Opening hours: June-September, 10am-1.45pm & 5pm-8.45pm. October – May, 10am-5.45pm. 10am-1.45pm Sunday and bank holidays. Mondays closed.
Admission: Free

J. Torrens Lladó House-Museum
Address: Carrer de la Portella 9
Contact: Telephone +34 971 729 835
Opening hours: 16 September -14 June, 10am-6pm. 15 June – 15 September, 11am-7pm. 10am-2pm Saturdays and bank holidays. Sundays and Mondays closed.

Can Solleric
18th stately house. Town Exhibition Hall
Address: Passeig Born 27
Contact: Telephone +34 971 722 092
Opening hours: 10am-2pm and 5pm-9pm. 10am-1.30pm Sunday and bank holidays. Mondays closed
Admission: Free

Krekovic collection (paintings)
Address: C/. Ciudad de Querétaro 3
Contact: Telephone +34 971 249 409
Opening hours: 9.30am-1pm and 3pm-6pm. 9.30am-1pm Saturdays. Sundays and bank holidays closed

Cathedral of Mallorca Museum
Address: Plaça de l´Almoina, s/n
Contact: + 34 902 022 445
Opening hours: Check the web of the Cathedral
Admission: Free for residents in Mallorca

Diocesan Museum
15th century paintings and other works of religious art.
Address: Carrer Mirador, 5 (Palau Episcopal)
Phone: +34 971723860
Opening hours: 10am-2pm.
Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays closed.

Old Dolls Museum
Address: Palau Reial, 27 entresuelo
Contact: Telephone +34 971 729 850
Opening hours: 10am-6pm. Mondays closed

Militar Museum of San carlos
Weapon collection
Address: Dic de l´Oest
Contact: Telephone +34 971 402 145
Opening hours: From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm. Mondays and bank holidays closed.

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