Muslims and Christians in Sóller, Es Firó

La Fira (The Fair) of Sóller is held on the second Sunday of May. The period of festivities surrounding La Fira starts with a public declaration and the naming of two girls from the town as “Brave Women of Can Tamany”, which commemorates the courage of Francesca and Catalina Casasnovas at the house of Can Tamany, who defended themselves against Turkish pirates with the bar which closed the door. On the Saturday there is a floral offering to La Mare de Déu de la Victòria at the Church of Sant Bartomeu. The locals form a procession to the church dressed in traditional Mallorcan costume.

On the day of El Firó, the Monday after La Fira, the victory of the locals of Sóller over Turkish pirates on 11 May 1561 is remembered. There is a re-enactment of the various battles which took place, with historic characters such as Captain Angelats, Sergeant Soler, the Turk Uludj Alí Ochiali and many people dressed in the traditional costume of farmers, brigands and Muslims. The typical meal on this day is snails with garlic sauce.

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