Prehistoric necropolises of Son Real and L´illot des Porros

Son Real - Santa Margalida - Mallorca - Illes Balears

The prehistoric necropolises of Son Real and L´illot des Porros are located on Santa Margalida´s coast, within the nature reserve of Son Real, very close to the unspoilt beach of S´Arenal d´En Cassat. The former of the two is also known as the Cementiri des Fenicis (Cemetery of the Phoenicians). This represents a monumental burial place of 110 tombs, from the Iron Age through to the Roman era; it occupies an area of 800 m2 and the remains of around 300 people have been found here. The tombs are square, circular and rectangular, as well as in a horseshoe form. They seem to be small-scale reproductions of talayots (cone-shaped towers which were the most important constructions in prehistoric Mallorca). There are signs that some of the tombs have been destroyed by sea erosion. Objects fond on the site include jewellery, arms, food remains and objects for everyday use and for funeral rites. Until the 4th century bodies were only buried, but after this time they were also burnt.

L´illot des Porros is a small island of 3,500 m2, located 100 metres from the coast in front of the necropolis of Son Real; here we find three large collective sepulchres in which bodies were either buried or burnt. The oldest of the three is a semi-circular funeral chamber from the 4th Century BC, with walls formed by large blocks of stone. The other two, which are dug into the rock and partially built with stone walls, date from the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. There are also individual tombs here like the ones found at Son Real. The surface area of the necropolis covers 450 m2 and the remains of 269 people have been found. There are signs that L´illot was also used for burials during the Roman and Medieval periods.

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