Puig de Maria in Pollença

Puig de Maria a Pollença, Mallorca - Illes Balears

The hill of El Puig de Maria rises up to 330 m to the south of Pollença, completely isolated from the rest of the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana range. From the peak, which cannot be reached by car, there are magnificent views out to sea and over inland Mallorca. In 1348 the construction of a chapel on the hill was authorised, with an order of nuns moving into the monastery that was later built here. In addition to this, walls and a defence tower were also built. However, the splendour created in the 15th century thanks to the contributions from noble families who gave their daughters to the monastery disappeared a century later, when the Bishop of Mallorca ordered that the monastery be closed; it was reopened for worship in 1638.

In the 18th century the church underwent significant modifications, with its Gothic style being replaced by Baroque, until further renovations in the 19th century returned the original style to the building. It now has a basilical layout, a vaulted ceiling with pointed arches, lateral chapels and a presbytery presided over by an image of the Mother of God.

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