Puig des Cornador via the gorge of Barranc de Biniaraix

Barranc de Biniaraix a Mallorca

Photographer: Miquel Frontera

Itinerary: Sóller – Biniaraix (30 minutes) – Salt des Cans (1 hour 30 minutes) – Es Cornador (40 minutes) – Salt des Cans (30 minutes) – Biniaraix (1 hour 25 minutes) – Sóller (30 minutes)

The total time required to do this circuit is 5 hours 10 minutes, though you can shave an hour of this by starting from Biniaraix. The height of the mountain of Puig des Cornador is 1,009 metres.

The starting point for this walk is the square of Plaça de la Constitució in the centre of Sóller, which is very close to the railway station. You have to head along the street of Carrer de la Lluna and once outside the village you have to take the road to Biniaraix, which is clearly signposted. On reaching the hamlet of Biniaraix, you have to go to the square of Plaça de la Concepció, which is where the church is located, and then head along the street of Carrer de Sant Josep. At the end of Carrer de Sant Josep are the old washhouses; go past these (pass the old road of Camí Vell de Monnàber as well) and take the road in front of you, which soon becomes a paved track which leads into the gorge. On some sections of the track you will see the small channel which used to take the water down from the spring of Font del Verger; today the water is channelled down a tube with taps at various points, which provide an opportunity to drink and stock up with fresh water.

The track is only paved for a certain distance, and after walking along the unpaved track for a while you will reach the waterfall of Salt des Cans, where spring water crashes down; there is a fork here and you have to take the track on the right in order to climb to the peak of Puig des Cornador, from where on clear days there are spectacular views over the Valley of Sóller and the bay and the port beyond. To return to the starting point, simply return along the same route.

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