Regulating access to the Serra de Tramuntana mountains

With the increasing overcrowding suffered by the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, are emerging voices within the world of hiking, claiming the regulation of access to which is undoubtedly the largest and most important natural area in Mallorca, in order to preserve the fragile ecosystems coexisting in this mountains range.

Coast by Banyalbufar in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains

Coast by Banyalbufar in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains

It is estimated that every weekend there are about 30,000 people, visiting the mountains without any regulation, endangering the flora and fauna. In fact exclusion zones already exist, where access is not allowed without a permit from the Ministry of the Environment of Balearic Islands government. Above all, to protect the nesting areas of the black vulture and the ferreret (Balearic Midwife Toad ) habitat, two protected species and the second one endemic to the Serra de Tramuntana.

Hiking in Mallorca has in the Serra de Tramuntana its greatest exponent, with some unique landscapes with the sea always forming a spectacular backdrop. As always, the hikes have passed along the trails that for centuries served as means of communication for their people. Trails with their public ownership questioned, thanks to a lack of regulation on the matter, which has led in some cases their closure by some owners of the large estates, through which they pass. Among them, this overcrowding raises unrest and rejection towards hikers, for the damage they cause. It is noteworthy that the ownership of Land in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains is spread over large estates, most of which are privately owned.

From the Hiking and Climbing Balearic Federation, in which take part the twenty groups of hikers in Mallorca, are calling for the recognition of hiking as a sport an not entertainment, like right now. This would mean the submission to the law for sports in the Balearic Islands and compulsory licensing with an insurance to cover the liability, any compensation and health care.

It has often been discussed the need to turn the Serra de Tramuntana mountains in a large nature park, regulating all human activity, with the goal of preserving the environment of this valuable natural area. An idea that has the opposition of the influential owners of the large estates. Paradoxically, while receiving large amounts of public funds for maintenance of their estates, they do not even want to talk about the slightest public intervention within their properties.

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