S’Estany D’En Mas / Cala Romàntica

S'Estany d'en Mas - Cala Romàntica a Mallorca

Tourist resort situated within the municipality of Manacor, known as well as Cala Romantica, which mainly comprises detached single-family constructions for tourist use. The beach of S´Estany den Mas is somewhat larger than the ones in the neighbouring developments of Cala Anguila and Cala Mendia, with which it forms an unbroken line of development along the coast.

S´Estany den Mas beach is situated at about 7 kilometres from Porto Cristo, following the road to Portocolom. This beautiful cave with white sand has the origin is the large Torrent des Morts, surrounded by medium-high cliffs of clear limestone. On the left part of the beach there is a promenade that connects with the neighbour Cala Mendia beach.

S´Estany den Mas has excellent conditions for anchoring boats although it is not sheltered from the winds blowing from the east and south-east. The depth ranges from six metres at 200 metres from the coast to 15 metres in the entrance, on a sandy ground with seaweed, and three metres at 150 metres from the beach.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs. The car can be left on a free parking area, next to S´Estany den Mas beach.

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