Software for Vacation Rental Agencies

To effectively manage a vacation rental agency, a specific software for vacation rentals is essential. Capable of automating management processes in such a business. The starting point, of all vacation rental software, is the management of bookings. Beginning with the control of the availability, of each of the properties, going through its confirmation, by means of the payment of an advance payment and to finish, with the liquidation to the owners.

RentalWebs, is an application in constant development, which offers a virtual store for a holiday rental business, with a powerful booking engine, which allows direct sales, as well as sale s with previous requests for availability. In addition, to a set of tools for the management of a holiday rental agency, with a large number of properties. Thanks to the cloud computing technology, with which it has been developed this software for vacation rentals, the management system is accessible from anywhere and device, with an Internet connection.

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