Sports and activities in Mallorca


Those who enjoy walking have the opportunity to enjoy many spectacular routes on Mallorca, with the intense blue of the sea always providing a breathtaking backdrop. Most routes are located in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range on the island´s north coast, which is where the highest peaks and most spectacular torrents are found. Another popular walking zone is the Serra de Llevant range of hills, in the east of Mallorca, where the peaks are lower and gentler. There are also many routes along the coast, many of which lead to unspoilt beaches, such as the beaches of Artà in the Llevant Natural Park and the route along the unspoilt beaches of Manacor.

Trekking in Mallorca

Excursion to la Trapa
Excursion to puig de Galatzó
The Torrent of Pareis
The puig d’es Conador and the Barranc of Biniaraix in Sóller

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Hiking trails of Mallorca: Information about the conditions of mountain pathways in Mallorca, and other interesting information for hikers.

Cycling in Mallorca

Mallorca has an extensive network of secondary roads and country lanes which are well signposted and in good condition, some of which have been specially adapted for bikes, making the island of Mallorca the ideal destination for cyclists. In the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range there are plenty of routes for road cyclists and mountain bikers. On the east of Mallorca is the range of hills of the Serra de Llevant, which doesn´t reach the heights of the Serra de Tramuntana but which does have some mountain roads which are suitable for cycling. The centre of the island is fairly flat.

Some hotels on Mallroca have facilities which are geared up for cyclists, with garages for bikes and special menus; these take in professional teams as well as amateur cyclists of all ages, who fill the island´s roads in spring.

At just about every tourist resort on Mallorca it is possible to hire bikes and cycle along the seafront, where the terrain is generally flat.

Water sports and nautic activities in Mallorca

The sea is always present on Mallorca, so it is no surprise that water sports are very popular amongst the island´s residents and the thousands of tourists who spend their holidays here. Evidence of this is seen in the many boats which are moored in the island´s marinas. Popular activities include coastal and deepwater fishing, all types of sailing, diving and water skiing.


The seabed around Mallorca provides a hidden world of extraordinary beauty and vitality which opens up to those who immerse themselves in the island´s waters. It is no surprise that diving is a popular sport on Mallorca, where the crystal-clear waters allow us to get closer to nature.

There are diving centres at nearly all the tourist resorts on Mallorca, and these organise dives with diving suits and breathing equipment, as well as hiring out equipment, providing tuition and organising practice dives in shallow waters.


Mallorca enjoys an ideal climate for playing golf all year round and has a large number of top-quality courses, with many visitors choosing the island of Mallorca as a holiday destination due to its superb conditions for golf. As distances across Mallorca are never long, the island´s courses can be reached from any point on Mallorca (Majorca) and most are located close to the main holiday resorts.

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