The Àguiles dance and Sant Joan Pelós

Ball de les àguiles i Sant Joan Pelós a Pollença

On the day of Corpus Christi, the Àguiles (Eagles) and Sant Joan Pelós (Saint John the Hairy) form a procession, dancing to the sound of guitars, bandurrias and castanets of the Àguiles. The Àguiles are represented by two girls in the body of each Àguila, profusely decorated with jewels. The origin of this celebration in Catalonia and Valencia dates back to medieval times, and in Pollença it was first documented in the 18th century. It is related to the Guild of Weavers, with civil and heraldic symbols, though others give it a purely religious meaning, in allusion to the greatness of the Son of God, represented by the eagle of the evangelist Saint John, who is known as Saint John the Hairy in this procession and represented by a youth who wears a mask of the saint and who carries a lamb in one arm and a cross in the other.

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