The Kingdom of Mallorca

On his death, Jaume I the Conqueror divided the confederation of Catalonia and Aragon into two sovereign states: the Crown of Aragon, including the Kingdom of Aragon, Valencia and the Principality of Catalonia, was inherited by Prince Pere el Gran; and the Kingdom of Mallorca, including the archipelago of the Balearic Islands, the counties of Roussillon and la Cerdanya and the Lordship of Montpeller, was inherited by Prince Jaume II of Mallorca. The Kingdom of Mallorca was thus created in 1276, with dispersed lands and a variety of terrains from the Balearic Islands and the Pyrenees. However, this kingdom didn´t even last a century; in 1343 it was incorporated into the Crown of Aragon (except the Lordship of Montpellier, which became part of France) when the last king of Mallorca, Jaume III, died in the battle of Llucmajor in defence of his kingdom.



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