The Platja de Palma reconversion

The Platja de Palma Reconversion is an ambitious plan, that aims to energize the area with heavy investments, from both public and private sectors. This was one of the pioneers resorts in the development of tourism in Mallorca, which over time is in danger of becoming obsolete, as a victim of a strong urban development with a poor planning. That’s why is so important this reconversion, which aims to become an international reference, led by the Platja de Palma Consortium, a public body composed of various levels of government; national, regional and local ones.

Last June, was presented the master plan from the architecture studio West 8, which won the international competition of ideas, that in the coming years will lead the planned actions to complete this important reconversion. Of which, the following are its main features.

The idea of this master plan, is to redefine the Platja de Palma image, base on values such as the climate of Mallorca, the landscapes of the coast and inland, the ecological posidonia reserve, along with an important tourism infrastructure, fully consolidated within the European market. In public spaces, is intended to highlight the traditional Mediterranean atmosphere, where are combined the tourist with the residential uses of the local population, with performances scheduled in four specific areas:

The first one is the sea front, where it is planned a comprehensive refurbishment, creating a great promenade with a self-image and a large presence of palm trees, working on the night lighting and mobility, choosing ecological transports as the tram and bicycle rentals. The beach is also involved in the master plan, which is intended to be made suitable for the organization of festivals and many other activities.

The marshland area of Ses Fontanelles is another area where pedestrian walks are planned, to get to know and preserve what remains of a major marshland, which at one time occupied a significant part of Palma bay. From here it is planned a connection for pedestrians to Palma airport.

In the quarries in the back side, near the Church of La Porciúncula is planned to develop a residential area, a hotel and healthcare infrastructures, with the intention to attract new emerging tourist markets, as the elderly, healthcare, culture, sports and so on.

Finally, the stream Dels Jueus is a public area that is intended to connect to the beach and build a boulevard next to it, gaining a green space for pedestrians and the city, which would entail a major transformation of the eastern end of Platja de Palma beach.

And within a more generic ambit, is expected to provide more vegetation to the streets, to improve the landscape of the highway to the airport, to regulate the uses in different areas such as the creation of a night district, among many other actions, which have to transform the Platja de Palma in a unique place to enjoy the holidays in the twenty-first century.

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