The road from Lluc to Sóller cut until next May

On 31 December, as a result of heavy rains, there was a significant rocks sliding at the kilometre 29 of the M-10, which crosses the Serra de Tramuntana mountains from Pollença to Andratx. If you start from Lluc to Sóller, at some 100 metres before reaching the turn-off that leads to Sa Calobra, there are 90 metres of road buried by the rocks that have fallen. So, now you can only access Sa Calobra and Cala Tuent from Sóller. The tasks of rebuilding the road are expected to be long and complicated, because not only the rocks have to be removed, but also the road banks have to be ensured to prevent further landslides, in this and other points of the road. Those works will have to be done by a firm from outside Mallorca. From the Consell de Mallorca, is not expected to be reopened to traffic up to 4 or 5 months. This will mean major difficulties for the inhabitants of the mountains. In addition to obstruct the visit, to the thousands of tourists who daily pass through this road.

Also due to the rains of that day, although it doesn’t appear to be the only cause, part of the medieval walls of Alcúdia fell at thursday night. It is a stretch of three metres in length, attached to one of the towers of the wall in Can Ramis square.

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