The sun shines again over Mallorca

After a week with the heaviest rains in the last years on Mallorca, with records of more than 250 litres per square metre in some parts of the Serra de Tramuntana, the sun shines again with temperatures expected to reach 16º C in the four islands with a minimum of around 8º C. Bad weather last week caused numerous incidents such as roads cut by the overflow of streams, falling rocks or snow at certain points in the mountains. Due to the heavy rains some houses in Palma have been evacuated. But the news that has come to the moment these days, has been the collapse of a hotel under construction in Cala Rajada killing four workers, in part due to heavy rains.

At this moment the highest peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, the Puig Major and Massanella, are covered by snow, offering a lovely picture, which can be seen from many parts of Mallorca. Without doubt, this weekend is a unique opportunity to climb the mountains and enjoy the snow with a sunny weather.

Raconers trekking to the Massanella Peak

Saturday the 20th of Desember in 2008

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