Trek to the Torrent de Pareis in Mallorca

Torrent de Pareis a Sa Calobra, Mallorca

Itinerary: Escorca – S´Entreforc (1hour) – Sa Calobra (3 hours)

The total duration of the route is 4 hours. Some stretches of the bed of the torrent can be difficult, as there are large rocks and the odd gorge with water in it. However, the route can be followed without needing to climb and without the need for any special equipment. It is necessary to check the weather forecast before setting off, and if there is a risk of rain or if it has recently rained then this trip should not be embarked upon, as it can be very dangerous if water is flowing down the torrent. The best months in which to do this walk are July and August.

Cases d´Escorca, which has a restaurant, is located next to the road C-710 between Lluc and Sóller, in front of the Church of Sant Pere, which is one of the oldest in Mallorca and which is documented as far back as 1246. On the other side of Cases d´Escorca there is an open gap from where a track goes down to a stone wall. You have to follow the track alongside the wall, passing a gap and then turning left into a holm-oak wood; when you come out of the wood you will clearly see the torrent in front of you, and the same track will take you down to the bed of the torrent. After walking for about an hour you will reach S´Entreforc; the track forks here and you must take the path to the right. From here you head down between the spectacular rock walls until you reach the sea at Sa Calobra. The track which leads off to the left at the fork goes to La Fosca, where the rock walls of the torrent get closer and closer, eventually forming an underground cave which water flows through and which eventually comes out at ground level again; this is a route which only experienced potholers should consider. Once at Sa Calobra, if you haven´t left a car here, you will always find someone willing to take you back to where you set out from, as this is a busy spot during summer.

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