Valldemossa, which is located in the Serra de Tramuntana range on Mallorca´s north coast, is one of the most visited and emblematic places on the island. The village and the surrounding landscape provide an extraordinarily beautiful setting, where visitors can wander round the narrow stone streets, which are closed off to traffic. The village dates back to the period of Moorish reign on Mallorca, and the houses here provide a fine example of traditional Mallorcan architecture, which is characterised by its sobriety and simplicity. The houses have stone façades and many have an entrance portal with a semi-circular arch. Some stand out due to the fact they have been coated with mortar or lime which is encrusted with small stones. The square of Plaça Pública – the oldest part of Valldemossa – concentrates most of the houses with painted tiles on the projecting roofs of houses; this is a characteristic feature of Mallorcan architecture, but it is especially prominent in mountain villages, where its popularity grew from the superstition that it protected the house and its inhabitants from misfortune.

The Parish Church of Sant Bartomeu was founded in the 13th century, though its current form is due to a series of renovations and expansions carried out in the 20th century. It has a Latin-cross layout, a cross vault roof and lateral chapels.

The Oratory of Saint Catalina Tomàs is located at number 5 Carrer de la Rectoria. This was the birthplace of Catalina Tomàs in 1531 and it was converted into an oratory on her death. Its current form dates from the 18th century.

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