Beaches from Menorca

In Mernorca there are beaches for all tastes, from beaches with tourist services to hidden unspoilt coves; although all of them have in common their crystal waters.

The natural and geographical characteristics of Mernorca establish a great difference between the northern beaches to those along the south coast. The southern coast is formed by white sand lines surrounded by abundant pine tree woods their calm waters are, in the major part, of a turquoise tone which will leave us astonished. The north is sharper due to the erosion caused by the tramuntana wind against the coast. The sand is thicker and darker in colour, the vegetation is also shorter than the one at the south.

One of the advantages of being an island is that whilst the beaches on the northern coast of Mernorca will have bad weather when a northerly wind is blowing, the beaches on the southern coast of Mernorca will be fine, and this is an important consideration when deciding which beach to visit.

Before swimming, it is important to consider the sea conditions. Most beaches on Mernorca use the flag system to indicate safety for swimming, with green flags indicating no danger, yellow flags indicating that it is necessary to be careful and red flags indicating that you mustn´t enter the water under any circumstances.

Mernorca beach guide from the Balearic Island Government: Beaches from the Balearic Islands

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