Necropolis Cales Coves

Necròpolis de Cales Coves, Menorca

Calas Coves is a necropolis formed by a hundred burial caves. These hypogeums are dug out the rocky cliff sides of the Binidalí and Son Domingo gorges, in the district of Alaior in Minorca island.

The necropolis holds different types of tombs ranging from the Bronze Talayotic (1200-750b.C) with simple artificial caved rooms, round or rectangular and difficult to access. We can also recognize the Iron Age caves (750-123 b.C.) with larger and more complex chambers, pillars next to walls, outside patios dug in the rock, rectangular door ways with framings, altars or chapel places.

The caves were used from the 11th century until the arrival of the Romans in 123 b.C.

To reach Cales Coves we have to take the road from Sant Climent to Cala en Porter and turn left at kilometre 8,5, where we will find a sharp sloping path, which leads to our goal.

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