S’Albufera Des Grau Natural Park

Parc Natural de s'Albufera des Grau a Menorca

Photographer: Alejandro Sánchez Marcos

S´Albufera des Grau Natural Park is located in the north-eastern part of Menorca island. It encompasses a broad expanse of characteristic, well-conserved land and includes two wetlands; S´Albufera des Grau and Es Prat de Morella, wide swaths of shoreline, an islet and a number of farms which use traditional farming practices.

Albufera des Grau, a 2-km-long, oval-shaped lagoon, is Menorca´s largest wetland, one of the most important in the Balearic Islands and the nucleus of the Biosphere Reserve. It is located next to the village of Grau and its beach, and lies on a Palaeozoic basin into which three torrents empty and which is separated from the sea by a series of dunes Cala Presili, s´Arenal de Morella and d´en Tortuga beach, are the wildest three beaches of Menorca’ s north coast, included in this Natural Park, surrounded by a unique landscape.

There are two ways to reach the Albufera des Grau natural park: PMV-7102 (es Grau) and PM-715 (cabo de Favàritx) both in the Maó municipal area.

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