Talatí de Dalt

Talatí de Dalt - Taula de Menorca - Maó / Mahón - Illes Balears

Talatí de Dalt is one of the most remarkable prehistoric villages on Minorca, which shelters different monuments inside: an elliptical-base talaiot with a truncated cone profile; a taula enclosure with a particular layout: a column and its capital are leaning on the side of the central “T”; a dwelling area or houses that already have their roofs of flagstone placed in a radial way and resting on columns; and some caves.

It seems that the Talatí de Dalt was inhabited after the bronze age and it reached its maximum splendour between the 4th and 2nd centuries before Christ, a time when the Punic civilization traded with the talayotic tribes around the Balearic Islands.

Address: Left desviation by km 4 of the Maó to Ciutadella de Minorca main road.

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