Talayotic township of Trepucó

Poblat Talaiòtic de Trepucó - Taules de Menorca - Maó - Illes Balears

Trepucó Talayotic township of about 5000 square metres, originally enclosed by defence walls. However at the present day only small fragments of wall face from the city walls are preserved and two square towers on the west wall. There is a worshipping centre to the south, with the biggest “taula” of Minorca as well as five talayotic houses each different in style. There are two talayots within the premises; the first is the most spectacular due to its size; it shows a circular basis similar to a star in the middle of the fortress. The other talayot is smaller in size but the same as beautiful and is fixed to the wall to the northeast of the settlement.

Trepucó it was abandoned during the second Punic war.

Address: Gràcia – Trepucó road in Maó.

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